Planting trees and increasing green space in the community.   Originally working with the Urban Ecology Institute, every summer BOLD learns how to plant and tend to trees and other green space in the community to reduce toxins in the air, improve air quality and beautify the community.  BOLD also encourages residents and merchants to plant or adopt trees and care for the environment.

The BOLD Teens helped plant over 65 trees in Dorchester in 2007 and 2008, and 10 each year since then.   Call us if you would like to plant a tree. BOLD is also a member of the Boston Tree Party.

Working with the City of Boston and the Boston Parks Department, the BOLD Teens helped to secure city and state funds for capital improvements of this park.  BOLD also served as community partners ensuring residents were engaged in the design and construction of the park with a focus on efficient features.

BOLD worked with the community to stop construction of this $ 1 million renovation, when it was discovered no persons from community had been hired.  Construction was stopped for 3 months.

Use this park has increased four – fold, and it is used night and day.  Neighbors will continue to monitor and improve quality of life in this park.  Seeking to add recycle receptacles, solar powered trash compactors,  more physical exercise equipment and organized activities.    BOLD also assisted with efforts to rename the park after a significant leader in the community. Click here to learn more.

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