Green House Gas Emissions


Greenovate is an effort of the City of Boston to make Boston “greener” one neighborhood at a time.  BOLD works with the City of Boston to “reduce green house gas emissions 25% by 2020” and “give special attention to segments of the Boston community that are more vulnerable because of lack of resources, poor health, age, or other reasons”.  We were invovled in Boston’s Climate Revolution Summary Report of April 2010 and are working on the 2014 Action Plan.

BOLD provides climate extreme education, urging energy audits through Renew Boston and Next Step Living, and information on resources for green renovations, no interest loans, and observing  improvements and cost savings.

Green Developments

Dorchester’s first LEED Platinum home was built by a BOLD member.  The owners work with the BOLD Teens to engage residents in understanding how to develop a green and healthy home. This home has been recognized locally and  nationally and serves as a standard in the community.  Click here to learn more.  

Renew Boston

The BOLD Teens work with Renew Boston to promote energy services to tenants, homeowners, and landlords and assist them in making energy improvements to their homes and properties.