Codman Square Farmers Market

This farmers market was created by the Codman Square Neighborhood Council to bring local, fresh organic options to the community in 2008. Since then, this farmers market has educated hundreds, improved health of many and brought people together to improve food options in the community.  The BOLD Teens help manage the market spreading the word on the importance of a local food system and addressing health inequalities such as obesity and diabetes type II.

The BOLD Teens also take part in visits to local farms to learn about sustainable practices and the importance of  supporting local economy.  Click here to learn more.  

Since October 2015, the BOLD Teens have been helping out with the Dorchester Winter Farmers Market inside the Great Hall located in Codman Square. In 2021, the Dorchester Winter Farmers Market moved to an online platform to safely bring farm fresh produce to our homes during the pandemic.

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