Clean-Up and Recycling

Anti-litter and recycling
The BOLD Teens support the Clean Streets Initiative to educate merchants on their responsibility to keep their storefronts clean, and developing street cleaning times.  The BOLD Teens also participate in the annual Boston Shines events to not only cleanup the community but also promote recycling.  Click here to learn more.

Sign Code
With the help of the BOLD Teens, the Inspectional Services Department has been granted increased authority to enforce the Sign Code.  The City of Boston Zoning Code, states that all temporary signage and permanent signage should take up no more than 30% of the window area.   The first fine issued will be $50 and all subsequent fines will be $100.

ISD is working with the BOLD Teens and the Codman Square Neighborhood Council to conduct educational seminars for merchants.

For more information, contact Colleen Kennedy at 617-635-5300.

To view the 2009 City of Boston Ordinance concerned with Sign Code, click here.

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