Air Quality

Healthy Homes Campaign
For many years BOLD administered a “Healthy Homes and Family Agreement” to community residents to encourage healthier home environments.  This educational tool is used to follow up with people to provide additional information about how to make one’s home safer for relatives that may have asthma or other respiratory diseases.  Over 900 families signed this agreement.

Presently we partner with Healthy Homes committee of Heath Resources in Action and Massachusetts Affordable Housing Association Asthma groups.   To increase city inspections to make homes safer and healthier.

Diesel Fuel Pollution and Air Pollution
The BOLD Teens place a banner signifying the air quality daily.  A green banner stands for good; yellow banner for moderate; and red banner for hazardous.  These banners were displayed in a central location in Codman Square.

The BOLD Teens partnered with Roxbury Environmental Empowerment Project /Alternatives for Community & Environment on an anti-diesel campaign.  Click here to learn more.

To reduce air pollution, the BOLD Teens supported the purchase of Compressed Natural Gas buses, efficient bus shelters, and digital signage to know when busses and trains are coming.

Fairmount Commuter Stop
The BOLD Teens worked with community groups on the design and opening of the Fairmount Stop on Talbot Avenue. BOLD Teens advocated for  bike racks and conducted a study with Walk Boston, to identify sidewalks, cross walks and lighting to improve pathways to the stop.  Presently, the BOLD Teens are working on reducing the fare and partnering with Dorchester Moves to install temporary and permanent signage on sidewalks, so people are aware of the distance to the stop walking.

The BOLD Teens conducted a survey, with MassBike and DotBikes, to increase bike lanes on Dorchester streets.  Boston is working to educate drivers and bikers to share streets.


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